8 Top Tips for your next GoCar Experience


We are always looking for better ways to help our members have a smooth and enjoyable GoCar experience. While on your next journey with us, take a look at the 8 tips below that will help you with all you need to know when you’re out on the road with us next!



📱 Book the GoCar you want, when you want



You can book your GoCar in a few different ways:


📍 Book by Closest GoCar near you (middle button)


⌚ Book by Time availability (right button)


🚗 Book by Vehicle type (left button)


✅ Combine Time & Vehicle to find a GoCar and time that suits you



🔓  Open your GoCar, even if the network lets you down 



When you are at your GoCar, simply unlock the car as requested but if the vehicle refuses to unlock, you can use any contactless debit/credit card or leap card and hold it over the card reader on the windscreen until the light turns green.


If the vehicle still isn’t opening, call us on 018441969



📸 Upload damage straight to the app



So you noticed some damage on or inside your GoCar when you arrived. You can report the damage to us by taking photos and uploading them when also rating cleanliness under ‘Add more information’.




⛽ If the Fuel Card fails during your trip




If the Circle K fuel card in your GoCar is giving you issues please submit a support request HERE and share your booking number and what happened and a member of the team will get back to you to arrange a refund ASAP.



🅿️ Park for Free with GoCar



Don’t forget with GoCar you can park FOR FREE in any DCC or DLR pay-and-display parking spaces! This includes all of the inner city and Dun Laoghaire.





💳 Use your card as backup if your GoCar doesn’t lock



If the GoCar you’ve finished with has trouble locking, use any contactless debit/credit card or leap card and hold it over the card reader on the windscreen until the light turns red. If the vehicle is still unlocked, call us on 018441969. Never walk off with a GoCar unlocked, if you do you will be liable for the vehicle if anything happens while unlocked.





💳 Leave your GoCar the way you’d like to find it



The overall experience of GoCar relies upon the good will and behavior of members. Leaving a GoCar dirty is unacceptable and severely impacts the next member using the vehicle. So please when you’re finished, take your rubbish with you and leave the GoCar in the condition you’d like to find it.


If you find your GoCar dirty upon starting your trip – let us know in the app the same way as you would reporting damage.




📍 Request a location



Know somewhere you feel GoCar could benefit the local community? We love hearing about new opportunities for car sharing in Ireland. Request a location today at https://www.gocar.ie/locations/


📲 Get going today at https://gocar.onelink.me/5IfE/7c1da270