What people are saying

" Customer Service got me sorted quickly for registration & was able to enjoy the service the next hour! "
Brilliant service, highly recommend it! Speech Bubble
Audrey Queniez

Reviewed 12/05/2017
" In 24 Hrs I was ready to rock and roll and moved house in 48h - no paperwork. "
I was a bit conservative on the service. A couple of colleagues shared some tips and trick and the support I got online to register was great. No hassle of delivery times etc. etc. I used the van and the city cars and all works great. Becoming addicted to it!!! Thanks guys Speech Bubble
Paulo Silva

Reviewed 11/04/2017
" The car was in great shape and was very easy to drive "
Very easy to use and for short needs is great. I'll recommend and I will use this server again. Speech Bubble
Hugo Dias

Reviewed 24/05/2017
" Quick, easy to use, convenient! "
Very happy with the GoCar Service :) Speech Bubble
Elloise Clayton

Reviewed 06/05/2017
" GoCar is perfect for a small city centre business like ours. "
We have a car or van nearby when we need it for a quick run but it’s not costing us money when we’re not using it. The system is simple and efficient and the staff are very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend it. Speech Bubble
Seán Mullan

Reviewed 18/09/15
" GoCar seemed like the easy solution and will avoid any potentially tricky moments! "
It [car ownership] starts to make very little sense when you look at the figures compared to actual time its needed. Speech Bubble
Maggie Moran

Reviewed 13/09/15
" I love GoCar because it's convenient, cost-effective, and fun. "
It's extremely easy to book the car via website or app on a short notice and go shopping or escape somewhere pretty. It completely covers my driving needs, so buying a car now feels utterly unnecessary. Also, the GoCar team is very flexible and friendly, so it makes me confident that if I have a question, they're always there for me! Speech Bubble
Katarina Berg

Reviewed 31/08/15
" There is also the added financial benefit in that using the GoCar instead of a taxi, we save at least 25% per trip "
Avego has two offices in Ireland, one in Dublin and one in Kinsale. The Dublin staff regularly visit the Kinsale office and have found that it is more convenient to take the train and to use GoCar for the final 20km from Kent Station in Cork to our office in Kinsale, over driving. The benefits we find are twofold; firstly we can work whilst on the train and secondly the convenience of the GoCar at Kent station means that we simply have to cross the road to use the car, and likewise on the return trip, we simply park at the station and take the train. There is also the added financial benefit in that using the GoCar instead of a taxi, we save at least 25% per trip. We also find that our employees prefer to use the GoCar as the payments are centralised rather than having to pay cash for taxis and claim on expenses. I look forward to seeing GoCars in all our cities and towns… Speech Bubble
Jonathan Guard

Reviewed 28/08/15
" I absolutely love GoCar. "
I'm a recent college graduate. I have a job in the city so I have no need for a car on a daily basis. I also live in an apartment in the city so it would be difficult to park it and it would be expensive. GoCar allows me the freedom to use a car as I please and the convenience of returning it when I'm done. The price is also very compelling. No fuel, insurance, parking or maintenance costs. I used it last for a trip to IKEA. This wouldn't have been possible by bus. I have already planned trips to Howth and the coast of Dublin for weekends in the coming weeks. It's just nice to be able to take a drive and get out of the city the odd weekend. GoCar is definitely the future of city car travel. Speech Bubble
David Kirwin

Reviewed August 17th, 2015
" I think the service is fantastic. "
Like living in any modern European city centre, owning and running a car makes little economic sense. With GoCar, I get a car only when I need it. I don't have to buy my own car it, tax it, park it, fuel it while it sits outside my house competing with public transport. A GoCar is mine when I need it and shared when I'm not using it. Speech Bubble
Mike Gogan

Reviewed June 13th, 2015
" So much cheaper than my own car "
The reason I love Go Car is it is so much cheaper than my own car where you have to Tax Insure and get NCT as well as Petrol and its convenient just beside my house and no problems with Parking.  Speech Bubble
Lyndon Morris

Reviewed May 11th, 2015