GoHome: our brand new Overnight Rate 




Here at GoCar we are always trying to find ways to make your lives easier. Today we launch our latest initiative called GoHome, an automatic overnight rate that halves your daily cap rate once your booking is between 6pm – 8:30am, Monday to Thursday nights.


So for example if you book a GoCity for 6:30pm on a Thursday evening, and finish your trip by 8:30am on Friday morning, the booking cost will be €30 instead of the previous €60.


So if you’re working the late shift, attending an evening meeting, trying to get a bunch of errands done in one evening, or maybe just surprising the parents for a midweek visit, we have you covered!


Important Ts & Cs to remember:


• GoHome applies only to GoCity & GoTripper cars – no vans or EVs for now


• The lower cap will only come into place if your booking begins after 6PM in the evening and ends before 08.30AM the next morning starting on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening. The GoHome rate will not be applied on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights.


• As with regular bookings, the first 50kms are included in your booking, with a charge of €0.50 per km coming into effect after this.


• As with all GoCar bookings, your car must be brought back to the GoBase you got it from before your trip has ended