GoCar celebrates One Year Anniversary

Ireland’s only car sharing reaches one year milestone in Dublin and Cork

Ireland’s only car sharing initiative, GoCar today celebrated its one year anniversary following its inception on August 1st 2013. To celebrate their anniversary, GoCar is offering to waive the €50 sign-up fee for the service for anyone who joins before midnight on August 1st . 

To avail of FREE SIGN UP just use the Promocode: 60HAPPYBIRTHDAY before midnight tonight(Aug 1st 2014), see below for Ts&Cs.

Since the service launched, GoCar has surpassed all expectations accumulating almost 15,000 trips, growing its fleet to over 70 vehicles and enjoying a membership base of over 2,000 people.

Membership growth for GoCar can be largely attributed to the license granted by Dublin City Council in July 2013 to operate on-street from their 30,000 pay-and-display parking spaces. This license enabled GoCar to initially place 50 vehicles from 31 pay-and-display locations in highly visible and convenient locations.

Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan said; “We are delighted to join GoCar in celebrating their one year anniversary in Dublin City. The entire scheme can only be described as a complete success and we are very happy with our decision to grant the First on-street car club license and car club parking permits last year.