Providing Businesses with a Smart Travel Solution Create Company Account

Hourly Rental – Access over 450 cars and vans from as little as €8 an hour including fuel, tax, insurance, 50 kilometres free  per trip and free Dublin City parking included.

Corporate Car Sharing – For companies with larger fleet needs, we can arrange private corporate car sharing which uses software and in-car technology to save time and money. Click here for more info.

How It Works – User friendly booking platform | A keyless solution with in-car technology | Dedicated customer support in Ireland

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  • Flexible terms on a pay-on-use model
  • Minimise grey fleet mileage and replace underutilised pool cars
  • Maximise fleet efficiency with bespoke booking system
  • Around half the price of a taxi on a round-trip
  • Alternative to paying large mileage expenses on personal car usage
  • Keyless access to on-site cars and vans
  • 24/7 online booking system and support helpline
  • Detailed personalised monthly reports showing usage
  • Itemised invoices on a monthly basis
  • Low emission fleet options including hybrids and electric cars
  • Car pooling and greater utilisation allows fleet reduction
  • Moving from grey fleet mileage reimbursement to car sharing sees mileage drop and CO2 emissions fall
  • Helping achieve carbon reduction targets

GoCar: Driving Growth

Kevin McGrath | Blueface, Enterprise Account Manager

Blueface discovered GoCar shortly after it was founded in 2008.

We began using the cost-efficient car service with personal accounts to get around an increasingly congested Dublin, but as Blueface’s team grew, so did our relationship with GoCar.

Our team was growing quickly and realising the benefits of ultra-mobile GoCars, we upgraded to a business account — increasing our access and flexibility.

Ten years later — with 50+ employees — we’re still using GoCar at least once a week. New employees can be seamlessly added to our GoCar account and instantly start booking hassle-free cars — made even easier with the GoCar App.

The easy access is our favourite feature. No more travel-panic, just check the app, find the closest car and go! There are a tonne of extras that we enjoy; electric options (for our discerning staffers), 24/7 booking & support, as well as clear billing and reporting.

GoCar and Blueface share a common goal; to mobilise and connect businesses. GoCar have definitely delivered for us; taking the stress out of offsite meetings, cutting travel costs and supporting our staff.