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GoCar is Ireland's only car sharing initiative, offering short term car rental to members on a hourly basis. This is a new way of motoring smarter and greener. It’s a genuine game-changer that will change the way you drive in Ireland

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100% Irish owned & operated. Drive Different for a better Ireland.

GoCity Range

The GoCity run around is ideal for the urban dweller to run to the shops or to meet friends. Just book, hop in and go with the most eco-firendly vehicle we offer. The GoCity cars are all 5 door hatchbacks, and made up mainly of the Hyundai i10, Seat Mii and Ford Fiesta. These eco-friendly models are easy to drive and park, perfect for the city slicker!



GoTripper Range

The GoTripper range offers that extra space you may need on occasion.If you are travelling further afield or with a group then the GoTripper is for you. GoTripper range features mostly Hyundai i30 and Ford Focus models depending on the GOBase you choose.



GoVan Range

The GoVan is perfect for moving those large objects that won’t fit in your car. Most people only need a van for one trip or a couple hours which is where GoCar comes in. You can grab a local Ford Connect from your local GoBase and you are on your way.