General – What is GoCar

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a membership based program where, once you join, you can rent a car or van for as little as half an hour,  24/7, 365 days a year. Our service aims to reduce car dependency by providing on demand cars near you live, work and play so you have a car close to hand should you need one.

Once you’ve signed up you simply book the car you want for the time you need, unlock it using our app/membership card, take the keys from the glovebox and drive it as normal. To finish your booking you just drop the car back to where you picked up.

What does it cost?

You are charged by the hour depending on the car type(starting from €8 an hour for our small city cars), the first 50km of your journey are included free and any distance over 50 is charged at €0.50 per km. You can view all of our prices on our Rates page.

Where are your cars located?

Our cars are parked in on street locations so you can simply walk up and hop in.We have cars across the country in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and several other counties! Want to see where your closest GoCar is? Check out our interactive map here!

Who is car sharing for?

Car Sharing suits everyone from the urban dweller, to the one car family, the SME start up to the large corporations! Car sharing is the perfect addition for your on-the-go lifestyle. Car sharing works when combined with other public transport options such as buses, trains and trams along with taxis. Car sharing gets you that last mile that public transport can’t, we’re there for when you just need a car!

What is the age limit for drivers?

You must be 21 years or older and hold a full driving licence for a minimum of 2 years. We can accept international driving licences however please check if your licence is eligible first by emailing info@gocar.ie.

Can i drop the car wherever i want?

We are a return to base service so all cars must be brought back to the street you picked up from to end your trip.


What cover do I have with GoCar?

With your GoCar membership you have coverage with a €1500 excess. This means that if you damage a GoCar during your trip you are liable for the first €1500 worth of damage. The excess is payable immediately after the accident.


There is the option to reduce your excess to €0 by purchasing our annual DEW (Damage Excess Waiver) for €100 per year. To have this added to your account please email info@gocar.ie to request it.

What am I liable for?

If you have not opted for the DEW you are liable for any damage caused to the car not by a third party up to €1500. You are also liable for any fines or penalties which occur during or as a result of your booking. To reduce this excess to zero you can purchase our annual DEW which is €100 per year, simply email info@gocar.ie to have this added to your account. You can also reduce the excess to zero by adding hourly insurance to your trip which is €2.40 per hour, this caps at €20 per day. This can be added during the booking process.

What is DEW and how do I avail of it?

DEW is a Damage Excess Waiver that reduces the excess from €1500 to €0. It costs €100 per year.


You will be offered DEW at the start of your membership, however you can avail of it at any time by emailing info@gocar.ie and requesting for the Annual DEW to be added to your account.

Cost and Billing

How do I pay for my trips?

The credit or debit card used for sign up will be kept on file to pay for all trips, membership fees and fines.
We operate with instant billing so the total cost of your trip will be deducted from the card on file once you end your trip.

How much do I pay per kilometre?

Members who sign up after February 2017 have 50 free kilometres included in each trip, anything over 50 is charged at €0.50 per km.

I need to change the card I have on file for payments-how do I do this?

You can add or remove payment details in Payment Settings in the App or online here.

What is driving credit?

Driving credit is credit applied to your account from GoCar. It can be used towards trips  and does not expire.

What GoCar fees do I need to know about?

Hopefully none! There are certain GoCar fees that you may need to make yourself aware of in the hopes that you can avoid them!

  • Late fee: double the hourly rate
  • Late fine: If you put out another member €25
  • Lights left on: €25
  • Illegal parking: Cost of parking fine plus €25 service charge
  • Valeting: up to €100
  • Incorrect return to base: €50
  • Returning with less than ¼ tank of fuel: €25
  • Lost GoCard: €25
  • Excess: €1500

How do I check my driving credit?

You can view your credit balance once you log in online in the credits section or on the app.

How do I cancel my account?

With GoCar you can cancel at any time, just email info@gocar.ie to let us know.

We will require you to post your GoCard back to our head office

35 Northwood Court
NorthwoodBusiness Park
Dublin 9

Joining- What do I need to get Go'ing

How do I join?

Getting started is easy! Firstly make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years or older
  • Full valid driver’s licence for 2 years or more
  • Valid credit or debit card in the driver’s name

To sign up just fill out the online application form here and upload photos of the front and back of your license. You’ll get an email with your customer number and PIN number and once we verify your license you can start using the service straight away through the GoCar app! If we receive your application and your licence before 4pm Monday-Friday we’ll activate your account the same day.

I need to get on the road ASAP, is this possible?

We endeavour to get you on the road as soon as possible, in special circumstances we will go above and beyond to get you on the road even quicker, just email info@gocar.ie or call us on 01 8441969 and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I open my GoCar?

You can use our app to unlock and lock your car to start and end your trip(see our app in action here). you can also use an RFID smartcard for the same function, see how to add your own card, such as your Leap card, here. We recommend having both options in case there is a issue with your phone signal.

I want to join as part of a company, is this possible?

Of course! GoCar is the perfect alternative for your company’s fleet! To find out more about our corporate offerings click here 

Do you have a family membership option?

Family and multi driver memberships are available! Each additional driver pays a €10 registration fee.

To add drivers to your account you can invite them to join via email from the Members section when you log in here. 

To find out more about multi driver memberships contact us info@gocar.ie

Am I signing into a contract?

There is no annual contract with GoCar, if you wish to close your account you just need to give 30 days’ notice and we will close the account with no penalties!

Can I join with an international licence?

We accept most international driving licences, do check with our member services team prior to completing your application if you have an international licence by emailing info@gocar.ie .

Booking- How do I book

Do you have an app?

Go mobile with the GoCar app!

  • Book a GoCar
  • Extend your trip
  • Find a car nearby
  • Manage your profile
  • View your trip history

Download now for iPhone or Android 

Check out how to use it here.

How do I book a GoCar?

You will need your customer number and PIN to log in  via desktop or mobile. Just select the car you want and enter your start time and end time .
Reserve and book online 24/7 with just a few minutes notice, you can book up to 6 weeks in advance if you wish.
Please check your confirmation email carefully to ensure you have booked the correct times and location for your booking.

Check out a video of how to use our app here. 

What type of vehicles are available?

We have 5 types of vehicles on the GoCar fleet, the GoCity, GoTripper, GoVan, GoExplore and GoElectrics. You can find out more about these here 

Currently our fleet consists of all low emission petrol and diesel cars as well as a number of electric vehicles. The majority of these are manual transmission but the GoElectrics are all automatic.

How long can I take a GoCar for?

You can rent a GoCar for as little as an hour and as long as a week, for special circumstances we can arrange rental for longer periods. Please contact us for more information on these type of requests.

I need to cancel a booking I made.

Cancelling a booking can be done online, through our app or by calling our call centre.

To maximise availability for all GoCar members we ask for 24 hours’ notice when cancelling a booking. If you are cancelling a booking with 24 hours + notice there is no charge.

If you do not cancel your booking and do not drive you will be charged for the full reserved time.

How much notice do I have to give when making a booking?

Depending on availability you can book a GoCar with just a couple of minutes notice and up to 6 weeks in advance!

Are there limits to where I can take the car?

There are no limits to where you can go with GoCar once it is on the island of Ireland.

Do I have access to all GoCars and GoVans?

As a GoCar member you can book any of our 300+ GoCars or GoVans located across Ireland! This makes GoCar accessible to you at work and at home!

Can I book a one-way trip with GoCar?

GoCar and car sharing is an alternative to car ownership. Each time you take a GoCar you must return it to the same location you collected it from.

I lost my GoCard, what do I do?

Firstly let us know so we can cancel the card! Then we can arrange to re-issue you a new GoCard, there is a cost of €10 for each replacement card.


If you are without a card remember you can still use our app to unlock and lock GoCars.

Get Go'ing – How do I book & take a trip!

How do I unlock the car?

Firstly make sure you are at the right car and the right time. Our app can guide you straight to the cars location, you can enter up to 5 minutes early if you do arrive early and at any time after the start time of your booking.


To unlock the car you can use either our app or your membership card. To use our app, make sure you are at the vehicle and click “I found my car” on screen, you’ll be prompted to hold down the unlock button on screen. TO use your card just hold your the card up to the reader on the windscreen, listen out for the unlock click. Then open the doors and hop in!


The keys are in the keypad in the glovebox, enter your PIN first before proceeding to remove the keys when prompted.
Now you’re ready to GO!

Does my GoCar have free parking?

With our on street Dublin cars we have free parking within Dublin City Council areas. You will know that you have an on street car by the sticker on the dash.

If you are unsure please call us on 1890 446 227 and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist. If you are parking for free on street please make sure the car is legally parked. Loading bays, bus lanes, single yellow lines, clearways, eCar Charging Bays (if the vehicle is not plugged in to charge) and cycle lanes are not legal parking spaces and your GoCar may be clamped. If the GoCar vehicle is clamped as a result of your parking , the fine will be passed on to you along with a call out charge of €25.

Who can drive the GoCar during my booking?

Only you-the authorised driver is insured and legally allowed to drive the GoCar during your booking.

The car is low on fuel what do I do?

There is a fuel card which can be used in Topaz or Circle K located in at the rear of the glove box console, and the PIN is located on the driver’s sun visor. Please be aware our fuel cards have a daily transaction limit of €60. Always check the fuel cap for the correct fuel type. The vehicle must always be returned with at least 1/4 tank of fuel for the next member.

Who is responsible for re-fuelling?

One of the responsibilities of GoCar membership is to return the car with a minimum of 1/4 tank of fuel. Failure to do so can result in additional fines. Each car has a fuel card in the glovebox you can use at any Topaz or Circle K garage, the PIN is located on the driver’s sun visor. Please be aware our fuel cards have a daily transaction limit of €60.

If you arrive to your GoCar and the tank is less than ¼ tank of fuel please take a photo (where possible) and email info@gocar.ie to let us know. Each member has the responsibility to return the car with at least ¼ tank.

I forgot my Customer ID or Pin

Don’t worry, you can resend your Account Information online here or through the App.

Alternatively you can drop us an email info@gocar.ie or call us on 1890 446 227 to retrieve your PIN. Don’t forget you need your PIN to make bookings and when you get to the car.

How can I extend my booking?

Booking extensions, when available can be completed online, on our app or through the call centre. If extending online or on our app and you receive an error warning there may be a booking directly after yours. Please make your way back to the GoBase as soon as possible and call us or email us to let us know your estimated return time.

Late returns can result in an additional fine of €25 and can really affect other members. Please be conscious when returning your GoCar on time!

Can I take my pet with me?

We understand that pets need to go to the vet on occasion. Pets are only allowed into GoCars in locked pet carriers and members are responsible for the removal of any residual pet hair. Please don’t let your furry friend out of their carrier. It’s unfair to the other members. Failure to do so can result in a cleaning fine.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted in any GoCar or GoVan. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a charge of up to €100 being applied to your account

Do I have to clean the car?

Our GoCar fleet team maintain and clean the car on a weekly basis. Members are responsible for taking all rubbish and personal belongings out of the car.

If you arrive for your booking and find the car in less than acceptable condition call or email member services immediately to avoid a fine.

What happens if I have a breakdown?

Call our member services team immediately on 1890 446 227. Out of hours please ensure you leave a voicemail if no one answers your call. They may be dealing with another member and will call you back immediately.

Traffic/Parking fines

As the authorised driver all traffic fines and fees will be passed onto you. Illegal parking and incorrect return to base fines will be passed onto the driver.


Each driver is responsible for paying the tolls as you pass. The M50 westlink toll can be paid up to 8pm the following day and can be paid online at www.eflow.ie or at any 3pay outlet. To pay the toll you will need to know the registration of the car, if you no longer have the car you will find the registration in your booking confirmation email.


How do I end my trip?

Return the GoCar to its designated GoBase and ensure it is parked legally. Please remember to leave the GoCar as you found it

  • Remove rubbish, return keys to the keypad. Turn off all lights and engine.
  • Remove all personal belongings from the car.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed, if you used the boot lid during your trip ensure it is fully closed.
  • Click End Trip on the app and hold down the lock button / Hold your membership card over the card reader on the windshield until the doors lock.

Your trip is now ended!

I’m running late what do I do?

Returning late or extending your booking after it has ended will incur additional penalties. If you know you are going to be late extend online, on our app or over the phone.

If there is no immediate booking proceeding yours we can extend without a problem. If your extension or late return delays another member who has a booking after you a late return fee will apply.

I’m returning the car with less than ¼ tank of fuel.

As per our Terms & Conditions, you will be liable for a fine for not refueling. It is member requirements to leave the car with at least ¼ tank of fuel.

Please refuel at any Topaz or Circle K station during your journey and use our fuel card to pay. The pin for the fuel card is located on the drivers sun visor. If you cannot make it to a Topaz or Circle K station please top up at the closest available fuel station, send us a photo of your receipt and keep it for your records as we may need it. We will then credit your GoCar account for any fuel purchased.

There is a car parked in the GoBase/I cannot find parking at the GoBase.

Sometimes there may be an unauthorised car parked at the GoBase or there is no parking available. In this case we ask you park as close as possible to the GoBase but ensure that the GoCar is parked legally. Do not park in the following:

  • Loading bays
  • Bus lanes
  • Yellow lines
  • Clearways
  • eCar Charging Bays – (unless our eCar is plugged into charge)

These are not legal parking spaces, regardless of the time. The car must be parked in a 24 hour parking space.

If the car is parked very far from the designated location please call or email us to let us know.

I left some belongings in the car, how can I retrieve them?

Always check before you lock the car with your membership card/on the app that you have taken all belongings from the car. If you happen to leave something in the car please follow these instructions:
– Make a 30 minute booking for that car
– Retrieve your belongings
– Lock the car with your card/app
– Email info@gocar.ie to let us know you made a booking to retrieve belongings and we’ll delete any charges.
– Failure to email us will result in you being charged for the second booking.

Please be aware that GoCar aren’t responsible for any belongings left in a GoCar.


What cover do I have with GoCar?

With your GoCar membership you have coverage with a €1500 excess. This means that if you damage a GoCar during your trip you are liable for the first €1500 worth of damage. The excess is payable immediately after the accident.

There is the option to reduce your excess to €0 by purchasing our annual DEW (Damage Excess Waiver) for €100 per year. To have this added to your account please email info@gocar.ie to request it.

What am I liable for?

If you have not opted for the DEW you are liable for any damage caused to the car not by a third party up to €1500. You can reduce this €1500 excess to zero by adding DEW to your account for €100 per year, to do this please email info@gocar.ie to request this.

What is DEW and how do I avail of it?

DEW is a Damage Excess Waiver that reduces the excess from €1500 to €0. It costs €100 per year.


You will be offered DEW at the start of your membership, however you can avail of it at any time by emailing info@gocar.ie and requesting for the Annual DEW to be added to your account.

What do I do in the case of an accident?

If you are in an accident follow these steps:

  • Do not admit liability at the scene
  • Call the guards and if possible do not move the vehicle until they arrive
  • Take as many photos as you can (if possible)
  • Take any third party details
  • Call us to let us know, if the car is un-driveable please ensure you get speaking to a member of our team.

I found some damage on the car at the start of my trip.

Before setting off, check the GoCar for damage. If you spot anything larger than a €2 coin please report this on our app by clicking “Add More Information” when asked to Rate your GoCar, please attach pictures of the damage. You can also report damage by emailing info@gocar.ie with attached photos. Please ensure you do this before starting your trip so we know any damage was not of your making.

If the car in not in a drive-able condition please call us and we will assist in moving your booking into another GoCar.


Dedicated Fleet

For companies with larger fleet needs, we can arrange private corporate car sharing which uses software and in-car technology to save time and money. These cars will only be available to your authorised staff, if you’d like to learn more please email info@gocar.ie or call  01 8441969.

Thinking about GoCar for your SME?

GoCar is a great option for SME’s across Ireland. Our rates are competitive against taxi’s on return journeys.
To find out more about GoCar for your business why not take a look at our Business page

GoCar for your Corporation

GoCar are delighted to say we work with a lot of the huge multi nationals that are based in Ireland. We have worked together with Google, Facebook, Apple, Irish Rail and many more to provide incredible sign up offers for their staff.
Do you want to offer GoCar as an incentive for your staff, talk to us today and we can customise a package for you!

GoCar @ your residential development

GoCar are always looking for new inventive areas to expand into! Residential complexes can be ideal as it reduces the need for car parking!
Find out more about how we can help here.